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SPCI with its newly formed and forward thinking Management team is well positioned to be in the forefront of Supplier-Managed Inventory for its chemical manufacturing, distribution and supply chain services. To date, our new and vibrant leadership policies have enabled us to acquire 100 acres of strategic industrial land ownership at all major ports and industrial hubs across Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. This in turn further facilitates our commitment to our clients for better, faster and quality assured services and products.


SPCI is committed to producing the highest quality chemicals from its manufacturing sector as well as implementing state-of-the art testing facilities.


Our target to attain exponential growth by the year 2011 has empowered us to develop dynamic and strategic partnerships.


We are accredited with ISO 9001:2000, and are fully committed to quality and attention to safety and reliability.

Sulfuric Acid

Used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, electroplating, production of batteries, dehydrating, alkalizing agent, sulfonation agent and as agent for water treatment.

  • Commercial Sulfuric acid
  • Diluted sulfuric acid
  • Special clear, low-iron sulfuric acid
  • Highest purity battery acid
  • Oleum – Fuming, sulfur trioxide

Sodium Silicate

Used in the manufacture of detergents, gels, catalyst, adhesives, cement, ceramics, as an agent in water treatment, foundry, textiles, films and coatings.

  • Sodium Silicate P84
  • Sodium Silicate C100
  • Sodium Silicate C112
  • Sodium Silicate C140
  • Potassium Silicate K39
  • Potassium Silicate K60

Aluminum Sulfate

Used as an agent for water treatment, aluminum compounds, catalyst, fixing agent, food additive, tanning and water proofing.

  • Liquid Aluminum Sulfate
  • Solid Aluminum Sulfate – Kibble/Granular/Powder

Acid-activated Bleaching Earth

It is used as a stabilizer, clarifying agent, catalyst, refining agent, regenerative and absorbing agent as well as a support agent. Primary users of the product are the chemical industry, foodstuff industry, mineral oil industry and the paper production industry.

  • Refining – wine, fruit juices and must
  • Clarifying and stabilizing agent – vegetable, animal and mineral oils, beer and saccharose syrup
  • Binder – oil on water
  • Catalyst – oil cracking
  • Absorber – radio active compounds
  • Support agent – Insecticides and fungicides

List of products manufactured by SPCI:

Sulfuric Acid

Aluminium Sulfate

Sodium Silicate


Soda Ash

Acid Activated Bleaching Earth

Potassium Silicate


Supply and Trading of Chemicals

SPCI provides the refining and diluting technology for concentrated chemicals in the various facilities available throughout the country. We also provide the safe delivery of the products direct to the clients location any where within the Peninsular.

SPCI is a MITCO term buyer for the production of Ammonia Sulfate which is used in water treatment plants, as a refrigerant, in the food industries, rubber and glove production and textile manufacturing.

Supplier-Managed Inventory System

The benefit of leveraging on our Supplier-Managed Inventory System (SMIS) system would be that clients can purchase on a as-per-consumption basis. This allows SPCI to effectively manage the inventory monitoring and deliveries of chemical to the client. SPCI ensures a smooth continuity of supply and providing consignment stock. Clients benefit from a more flexible cash flow management and a reduction in inventory holding costs.

Dry Bulk Chemical Warehousing

SPCI provides dry bulk chemical warehousing facilities in almost all port locations within Malaysia. Among their strategic locations are Prai, Petaling Jaya, North Port, West Port, Pasir Gudang and Kuantan. These locations enable SPCI to increase speed of delivery to clients.

Liquid Chemical Pipelines

SPCI provides pipeline facilities for the liquid chemical products such as Ammonia, Sulfuric Acid and Methanol. These chemicals are piped from their location in Prai.

Tank Farm

SPCI provides a complete storage facility for liquid chemicals in the form of a tank farm. The tank farm in Prai is a connective facility that provides storage for Ammonia, Sulfuric Acid and Methanol before being dispatched via chemical pipelines to various other locations.

Chemical Transportation

SPCI provides specialized acid truck(s) facilities for the inland transportation of chemical products in Malaysia and Singapore. These trucking facilities meet the highest standards of safety precautions to ensure prompt, efficient and safe delivery of the products to the clients.