Acid Activated Bleaching Earth

Activated bleaching earth (ABE) is a sub-white powder which is insoluble in water, oil or organic solvent. It has strong properties as cation exchange capacity, selective adsorption, hydrophilic property, surface activity and catalysis.

Activated bleaching earth (ABE) can adsorb and eliminate mineral materials as pitch, neutral colloid, sulfide and olefinenaphthenic acid in lubrication to improve the durability and photo-stability of the lubricant and to increase the ability of corrosiveness-resisting, and can also absorb and eliminate the pigment, aflatoxin and the carcinogenic substance of 3-4 benzpyrene in vegetable oil, in addition, it has strong ability of oil decolorization, high speed of filtering oil and low oil retention of filter cake.

It's widely used in the absorption and refinement of lubricant, paraffin wax, and vaseline, the decolorization of animal and vegetable oil, and the purification of honey, wax and glycerine.