Our People


Competitive reward packages

We offer a market-competitive package of compensation, rewards and benefits to support our employees’ health, wealth, well-being and work/life balance.

  • Health & Well-being

    To support the health and overall well-being of our employees and their dependents, we offer a private health insurance program and promotes healthy lifestyle activities.

  • Wealth

    We offer attractive financial compensation packages that may include both base pay and bonus elements. We are committed to offering competitive salary packages and benefits as well as flexibility in aid of achieving work life balance.

  • Balance

    We recognize the challenges of integrating work and family/personal life, and we offer several opportunities to help our employees achieve a healthy balance.

Learning & Growing

We take our employees as our most valuable resource. To help our people succeed, we provide multiple career advancement and development opportunities and programs.

  • Mentoring Programs

    We sponsor individual and group enhancement programs to encourage and support the learning and growth of our people.

  • Training Opportunities

    We subscribe to HRDF funds that enable our employees to attend mandatory training and development programs to build a safe working environment and sustainable leadership.

Ethics & Compliance

We are committed to building trust and credibility through the highest ethical standards, sound judgment, character and courage in our actions.

Industry Leader

Our goal is to remain the technology leader in our markets and to use our innovative products to solve customers’ challenges.


We are accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and are fully committed to quality, safety and reliability.


SPCI HELM with its newly formed and forward thinking Management team is well positioned to be in the forefront of Supplier-Managed Inventory for its chemical manufacturing, distribution and supply chain services.

To date, our new and vibrant leadership policies have enabled us to acquire 100 acres of strategic industrial and ownership at all major ports and industrial hubs across Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. This in turn further facilitates our commitment to our clients for better, faster and quality assured services and products.

Distinguish Culture

We embrace our unique and distinguish culture by practising our core-values that bind us into one strong team.

Our value statement:-

  • Together we’re strong
  • Flexible and adopting to changes easily
  • Trust
  • Multitasking
  • Building long term relationship
Diversity & Inclusion

We want to ensure the best possible work environment for all employees.

We know that people who offer a broad base of capabilities, cultures, backgrounds and perspective are critical to our continued business ventures. By having such diversity in our workforce, we better understand, meet and exceed our customers’ needs.