What We Do

Supply and Trading of Chemicals

SPCI HELM provides the refining and diluting technology for concentrated chemicals in the various facilities available throughout the country. We also provide the safe delivery of the products direct to the clients location any where within the Peninsular.

SPCI HELM is a MITCO term buyer for the production of Ammonia Sulfate which is used in water treatment plants, as a refrigerant, in the food industries, rubber and glove production and textile manufacturing.


Supplier-Managed Inventory System

The benefit of leveraging on our Supplier-Managed Inventory System (SMIS) system would be that clients can purchase on a as-per-consumption basis. This allows SPCI HELM to effectively manage the inventory monitoring and deliveries of chemical to the client. SPCI HELM ensures a smooth continuity of supply and providing consignment stock. Clients benefit from a more flexible cash flow management and a reduction in inventory holding costs.